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Re: XML protocol comparisons

From: Justin Chapweske <justin@cyrus.net>
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 10:51:44 -0500
Message-ID: <38EB6110.528748AF@cyrus.net>
To: xml-dist-app@w3.org
> One major one is that BXXP doesn't say anything about what it transports
> or what its interaction model is (other than session oriented). One of
> BXXP's goals was to allow for a protocol where the actual elements
> were unlimited. The outcome is that BXXP can frame and multiplex
> anything that can be encoded in a MIME body. The channel maintenance
> stuff is in XML but that doesn't mean the actual protocol elements
> have to be...

Neither does Webmux, it multiplexes any arbitrary bi-directional byte
streams and includes a credit scheme to maximize throughput while
minimizing deadlock conditions.

Playing devil's advocate,

Justin Chapweske - Noodler, Cyrus Intersoft
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