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RE: requesting XML records

From: Matthew Dovey <matthew.dovey@las.ox.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 15:21:58 -0000
Message-ID: <149B1E6A2147804D9651886835D1999A2007D1@sers004.ouls.ox.ac.uk>
To: "Ray Denenberg" <rden@loc.gov>, "zig" <www-zig@w3.org>

> (It's frustrating to spend so much energy developing elegant, 
> high-quality, and well-engineered protocol mechanisms, to 
> solve problems for which version 3 was invented, only to be 
> told later that we have to solve the problem in the context 
> of version 2, when version 2 simply isn't suited to solving these
> problems.

Version 2 predates XML by a few years - it isn't surprising that version
2 isn't well suited to support XML. V3 has been on the streets for 8
years now (a company such as MS would probably have declared end of life
on anythnig older than that ;-)  ), so saying the v2 doesn't support XML
and that you need to move to v3 if you want XML doesn't seem that
unreasonable to me!

Should I duck now?

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