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RE: NORZIG proposed new bib-1 Use attributes

From: Shuh Barbara <barbara.shuh@nlc-bnc.ca>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 10:07:59 -0500
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By proposing such extensions to the bib-1 attribute set, you are negating
all the work that has been done on the development of the new attribute
architecture and the bib-2 attribute set.  

I note that in the recently released specs for an IMS Digital Repositories
Interoperability specification  http://www.imsglobal.org, there are
guidelines for the use of Z39.50 and a proposal for an extensive extension
of bib-1 for IMS Meta-Data.  Why not take the opportunity to use the new
attribute architecture there? 

At previous meetings of ZIG, participants discouraged the addition of
attributes to bib-1 because it would encourage the continued use of bib-1 .
Are these discussions being forgotten?  Is all the work that went into the
development of the new more logical architecture all for naught? 

Barbara Shuh
Library Network Specialist
National Library of Canada
Phone:  (613) 995-1701  Fax:  (613) 943-1939
E-mail:  barbara.shuh@nlc-bnc.ca

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Subject: NORZIG proposed new bib-1 Use attributes

NORZIG has proposed several new bib-1 Use
attributes.  See

Please comment by April 18.

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