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Re: Attribute Architecture -- new type?

From: Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com>
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 20:20:25 +0100
To: rden@loc.gov
CC: www-zig@w3.org
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> Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 14:08:43 -0400
> From: "Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress" <rden@loc.gov>
> Anyway, it seems to me that the "indexing method" is orthogonal to
> the format/structure, at least as format/structure is envisioned by
> the bib-2 usage (another good piece of work, in my view, and the
> only effort to date that's based on the arhitecture).


The Zthes profile uses a pallete of access points drawn from the
utility and cross-domain sets, and defines its own AA-conformant
attribute-set (Zthes-1) to supply what's missing from those two:


This goes back at least to version 0.3b of the profile, released on
26th July 1999.  So it's been around four years or more.

ZeeRex uses the attribute architecture for searching a database of
Z39.50 or SRW database descriptions.  Again, it uses access points
from both the utility and cross-domain sets, plus some from its own
set (just called the ZeeRex attribute set, not ZeeRex-1).


Ray, you've assigned OIDs to both these attribute sets, so you ought
to be aware of them!  :-)

> I suggest that we add a new type. If you go back to the beginning of
> this thread, Alan hinted that he really wanted to suggest a new
> attribute type, along the lines of indexing- or term-extraction
> method, but that he felt such a suggestion would be rejected as too
> radical.  I think it's a good idea.

Fine by me.  So long as there is a single, well-defined attribute that
says whether a query term is meant to be a string or a word/phrase, I
do not much care which type it goes in.  Format/structure made as much
sense to me as any, but a new type is OK too.

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