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RE: 2 simple questions (?)

From: Liv Aasa Holm <Liv.A.Holm@jbi.hio.no>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 08:54:57 +0100
To: Madeleine Stovel <BL.MDS@RLG.ORG>, Pieter Van Lierop <pvanlierop@geac.fr>, www-zig <www-zig@w3.org>
Message-ID: <3C735653@p48-r508-1>
in all our implementations so far we have interpreted "name normalized" as 
<last name>, <first name> with one _OR MORE_ spaces between the two.
The critic to this has been: "This is the normalized form in most of the 
western world, but not in the world as a whole".

It has never been any difficulties in reducing several spaces to one space 
between the two parts.
I have the impression tha this interpretation of "normalized form" comes 
from AACR 2.  Is that correct?


===== Original Message from Pieter Van Lierop <pvanlierop@geac.fr> at 
20.02.02 08:39
>This is typically an example of why Z39.50 without profiles is so hopelessly
>complex in interoperability issues. The definition you cite says in fact:
>the server can do what it wants. So if the server says: For me a normalized
>name is a first name followed by 5 dots and then the last name: That is
>perfectly legal Z39.50.
>I will re-formulate my question:
>What would a normalized name "normally" be:
><LastName> space <FirstName>
><LastName> comma <FirstName>
><LastName> comma space<FirstName>
>or should the server support all of these?
>For example, it is not clear to me what the Bath profile says.
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>> De : Madeleine Stovel [mailto:BL.MDS@RLG.ORG]
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>> Objet : 2 simple questions (?)
>> REPLY TO 02/19/02 06:15 FROM WWW-ZIG@W3.ORG: 2 simple questions (?)
>> >Dear zig-gers,
>> >2 simple question but I did not find the answers on the Z39.50 pages:
>> >
>> >1. normalized name
>> >Is there a concensus about what a normalized name should be?
>> (Structure
>> >attribute 106 "name (normalized)")
>> >The standard says nothing about this.
>> >The bath profile references the ATS-1 profile which
>> references AACR2 rules.
>> >(http://lcweb.loc.gov/z3950/agency/profiles/ats.html)
>> >
>> >Maybe we should make an implementor agreement that it should be:
>> ><LastName>,<FirstName>
>> >with 0 or more spaces between <LastName> and comma, and
>> between comma and
>> ><FirstName>
>> >
>> >
>> >Pieter van Lierop
>> >Geac
>> Pieter,
>> The bib-1 semantics imply that that's what a normalized name should
>> be.
>>         Name             101    A name search term that is
>> structured in a
>>         (normalized)            particular order (e.g., last_name,
>>                                 first_name).  The resulting
>> term is subject to
>>                                 special matching rules on the
>> target system
>>                                 that differ from those
>> applied to names
>>                                 structured as phrases or
>> unstructured names.
>> I think what's in ATS-1 is more or less the consensus, although the
>> consensus was also not to use ATS-1, more or less.
>> -- Lennie
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