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RE: Representing DRA holdings in a future Z39.50 client app

From: <peter.binkley@ualberta.ca>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 13:00:18 -0700
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You might like to know that SiteSearch will shortly be released under an
open source license, so you'll be able to crack open that black box. See
http://sitesearch.oclc.org. The code will be released in the next few weeks.

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Subject: Representing DRA holdings in a future Z39.50 client app

Dear all,

Please let me first apologize for what is probably a hopelessly naive 
question. I did try to search the archives for the answer, but the 
search doesn't seem to be working.

To wit: I am trying to implement a Z39.50 client connection to a DRA 
(Classic) online catalog. We are currently using a (at this point) 
rather old implementation of OCLC's SiteSearch product, but we need to 
expand beyond its capabilities. In trying to use the YAZ toolkit, I can 
easily connect to and get good solid results from the server; however, I 
cannot get holdings information returned along with its accompanying 
record. I CAN get good holdings information from the OCLC client. See 
the difference at http://www.finditillinois.org/drarecords.html. 
Obviously, in a DRA system, there is a separate file that contains 
holdings which is then attached to the record. Also obviously, OCLC has 
put in a lovely little widget of code  into their black box JAR file 
that retrieves the full MARC record. Since I can't get at that, I would 
like to be able to duplicate their efforts.

Questions to this community:

A. What is the name of this file in a DRA system?
B. How does one reach it through a mechanism like a Z client? C. What links
the master MARC record with its holdings record?

Thank you for your time,

Andrew Bullen
Illinois State Library
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