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Proposed Use Attribute: Government Document Source Code

From: <peterson@amigos.org>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 16:52:11 -0500
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The Texas Z39.50 Implementors Group (TZIG) would like to ask the ZIG to
approve a new Bib-1 Use Attribute -- Government Document Source Code:


We would like to create a search for government document numbers, which
requires both use attribute 50 (government document number) and the
government document source code.  In Texas, for example, the government
document number in the MARC record looks like this:

086   |aL1900.3 IN3AN|2txdocs

The 086 $a would be mapped to use attribute 50 and 086 $b would be mapped
to the proposed use attribute.  The government document number would be
searched by using the boolean operator AND between these two use

Another way to do this would be to map both the 086 $a and 086 $b to use
attribute 50.  Although this would work, in the long run, I think we would
be better served by keeping these two pieces of information separate.  One
of the issues the NISO AV committee has been dealing with is the
definitions of specific attributes.  What I learned through this process is
that the more we define unique terms, the easier the profile is to
implement.  So, instead of using existing attributes, I am asking that a
new use attribute be created.

I will not be able to attend the next ZIG, meeting, so please let me know
if you have questions.  Thanks for your time.

Christine Peterson
Library Liaison Officer, Amigos Library Services
14400 Midway Road, Dallas, TX  75244-3509
800/843-8482 x191 (message only)
512/671-1580 (phone and fax)
EMAIL:  peterson@amigos.org
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