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Invitation to Autobiosophy

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Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 17:21:02 +0200
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The fate of this message is a matter of MAZAL (if this word does not sound familiar, ask a Jew). It depends in whos hands it will fall in... 
Correspondents, reporters, newspapers, and the media in general, inform, describe and photograph events worldwide, Commentators analyze them, and express opinions on what will happen in the future, exactly as sport reporters, commentators and media do with football games. The media supplies people with what they want to know. Nobody asks why? People expect world events to be like movies, supporting the supermen, the cowboys, and the James Bonds and abhorring the Goldfingers and the Indians.

My book Autobiosophy is neither an academic work, nor a missionary indoctrination, or a scientific theory. It is only an honest attempt to understand human behavior, based in observation and personal experience. It deals with human conflicts (social, religious, ethnical, and national) and discusses violence, fanaticism, terrorism, patriotism, democracy and a large range of themes as well as readiness to die for ideals and beliefs. The book gains even greater relevance in our days of the New York Twin Towers attack and the retaliate in Afghanistan, trying to understand why humans, contrary to most animals, kill their own species for reasons other than nourishment. 

For more information about the book, please visit http://go.to/autobiosophy. 

I will appreciate if you will help me to divulgate the existence of my book and this website.


Thanks for your attention,

Nahum Mandel

Kibbutz Gaash 60951,  ISRAEL
Tel: 792-(0)9-952 1391


Click http://go.to/autobiosophy 
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