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RE: Please respond about for Spring 2002 ZIG meeting dates

From: Shuh Barbara <barbara.shuh@nlc-bnc.ca>
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 08:25:07 -0500
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To: ZIG List <www-zig@w3.org>
Apr 23-26 would be preferable for me.

Apr 2-5 is too close to the beginning of the new fiscal year, and I cannot
be sure that funds will be available for travel that week.   

Barbara Shuh
Library Network Specialist
National Library of Canada
Phone:  (819) 994-6969  Fax:  (819) 994-6835
E-mail:  barbara.shuh@nlc-bnc.ca

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From: William E. Moen [mailto:wemoen@unt.edu]
Sent: Monday, November 05, 2001 6:27 AM
To: ZIG List
Subject: Please respond about for Spring 2002 ZIG meeting dates

Thanks to those who responded to the Apri 2-5 dates for the Spring 2002
ZIG meeting at OCLC in Dublin, OH. Some people pointed out that these
dates fall right after Easter.

We are also considering the dates of April 23-26 in addition to April
2-5. If you have a strong preference for one or the other, please post
to the list. We'd like to firm up the date for the meeting by November

Let us know which you prefer.


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