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Marketing Asian Travelers / Tourists ?

From: Jim JO <survey01-2@abroaddirectory.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 00:07:16 +0800
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Subject:  Marketing Asian Travelers / Tourists  ?  A Cost effective  marketing solution here !

We are very sorry if you have received this email more than twice.  

Title: A  survey for a better marketing in Asian regions.

Dear Owner / Manager/ Marketing Director & Manager/Sales Director 

This is a survey of Asian Multilingual Search Engines Submission of your web-site(s)

We request a response to this survey which aims to offer better quality service and greater prospects for return for your efforts in Asian Internet marketing.

The main benefit to your organization would be that we will initially provide an Asian multi-lingual Search Engines free check report regarding your web site(s).
For the sake of efficiency we confine ourselves to only 85% of the Asian target Internet market, which are spread over Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Note: In our own research of Asian Internet marketing, we find that almost all advertisers take it for granted that they are registered in non-English Speaking countries as well. 

However, If your web-site(s) is not registered at Asian Search Engines directly in Asian languages, your prospective Asian customers will not find your web-site & web pages. Even if they do, people won't know whether your web site exists or not. 
Also, most Asian Search Engines can register a web-site & web pages written in only their own Asian languages. Furthermore Asians who are non-English prefer a web site(s) in their native languages.

Here is where we can offer help.
If you feel we can be a help, please help us in this quick survey.

The survey sheet is consists of 4 questions.  Please send us the survey after you have finished. Our Email Address is survey01-2@AbroadDirectory.com .
Or, USA Fax (1+) 509-271-182. (24 hours, 7days)

Thank you for your time & help again. 
Good Luck for your business.

Best Regards

Jim  JO
General Manager
(Helping People & Industry Abroad) AbroadDirectory.com  
Postal Address :  6 Uralla Close, Beckenham, WA 6107 (Perth Metro), Australia
Phone:  (61+) 43 814 0892
USA Fax: (1+) 509-271-1829, Australia Fax: (+618) 9451 3043

(Email Address)
About General Inquiry: info@AbroadDirectory.com
About Business General Inquiry: biz@AbroadDirectory.com
About Survey Email: survey01-2@AbroadDirectory.com 
Web-Site URL: http://www.AbroadDirectory.com

Privacy & Survey Information 
Your email address is collected from Internet. 
We do not have any personal information about you.

If you would prefer not to receive this information or an email and a survey from us, please send an e-mail to: removelist@AbroadDirectory.com with 'REMOVE'  text in the subject and we will remove you from our mailing list.
If you want to know About "The Reasons of  Why Asia Multilingual Search Engines Submission is important?"  Click Here:  http://www.abroaddirectory.com/English/Industry/biztour2.htm

 A Survey Sheet about Asian Search Engines Submission of your web-site

(Answer Hint 1): First, please press the reply button for the modification of this survey
(Answer Hint 2): Please mark in the numbers in each question. You can mark multiple answers. 
(Answer Hint 3): If you like to write your opinion, feel free to do so. 

1.  Are  you interested in the Asian Search Engines submission service for improved marketing with the named Asian countries (Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore) ? (           )
1) Yes 
2) No 

2.  Please choose the three  most important countries in Asia regions related to your business  ? (              ,       	,          )
1) Japan  	2) South Korea   	3) Hong Kong  	 4)Taiwan    	5) Singapore   	6) China

3. Current market price for Asian Search Engines submission service  range from US$ 430 ~ US$2,300 Per  language. If we offer the same service as the US$252,  do you think this is a realistic price ?  (       	)
1) Just  right 
2) Too Cheap
3) Cheap
4) A little expensive
5) Too expensive
6) Do not know 

4. If  you want to get the Asian Search Engines Submission free check report service regarding your web-site(s): 

 Please write your main keywords in the boxes below.  You may write one keyword or two keyword phrases. 

Keyword1 :  (			)	

Keyword2 :  (		              )

Thank you for your time and co-operation.

Your company/Organization Name:
Your Country & City Name: 
Business Type (Example: Hotel, rent car, university,  etc) :
Writer Name :							
Writer's Job Position Title:
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