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Breakout session on Bib-2

From: Shuh Barbara <barbara.shuh@nlc-bnc.ca>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 15:59:23 -0400
Message-ID: <7F6468E55294D21182D800805F57A3B001E51D24@exchange1b1.nlc-bnc.ca>
To: "ZIG List (E-mail)" <www-zig@w3.org>
I've volunteered to chair a breakout session on Bib-2 at the ZIG meeting in
Leuven next month.  (Standing in for Lennie, who unknowingly booked a
bird-watching trip to Kenya in conflict with the ZIG meeting :-) 

But before she left, Lennie identified for me some tasks which remain to be
	- gathering more definitions
	- filling out the lists of Content Authorities
	- adding support for Authorities searching (after comparing
requirements with the Thesaurus Profile) 
	- constructing examples of searches, which might identify holes and

For those interested, if you have some time prior to the meeting, try to
fill in a few gaps in the definitions, or add to some of the content
authority lists.  We're working with the Third Draft of January 10, 2000 of
Bib-2 :

At the meeting, we'll spend time gathering together those contributions and
then concentrating on the searching examples.  

See you in Leuven.

Barbara Shuh
Library Network Specialist
National Library of Canada
Phone:  (819) 994-6969  Fax:  (819) 994-6835
E-mail:  barbara.shuh@nlc-bnc.ca
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