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Re: Footnote and multicolumn using fop

From: G. Ken Holman <gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2016 07:34:35 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: Fausto Passariello <afunzionale@gmail.com>,www-xsl-fo@w3.org
Implementation issues would typically be 
addressed with the project team ... a quick 
search finds this that should help you shed light on your discovery:


Good luck!

. . . . . .  Ken

At 2016-12-12 01:14 +0100, Fausto Passariello wrote:
>Dear Ken,
>thanks for your useful hints. I saw your website 
>and there are very interesting points.
>My problem is that the page-wide 
>footnote-reference-area overlappes the 
>column-wide main-reference-area, which is divided into 2 columns.
>Strangely, looking at the image I sent, one 
>column is perfectly separated from the footnote, 
>while only the other one is overlapped by the 
>footnote. In addition, when the footnote is in 
>the left column, overlapping occurs only at right and viceversa.
>2016-12-11 13:58 GMT+01:00 G. Ken Holman 
>I'm not a user of FOP personally, but I can 
>observe that footnotes in XSL-FO are page-wide 
>and not column-wide.  Other tools address 
>column-wide footnotes through 
>extensions.  Perhaps FOP has an extension you can use.
>If you look in the XSL-FO specification, you 
>will see that column definition happens in the 
>main-reference-area, that part of the page that 
>is shrunk after allocating footnote space.  The 
>main-reference-area is separted from the footnote-reference-area.
>There is a helpful diagram on page 209 of my 
>XSL-FO book, a preview of which can be found on my web site.
>I hope this is helpful.
>. . . . . . Ken
>At 2016-12-10 00:44 +0100, Fausto Passariello wrote:
>Dear All,
>I need help from the experienced people in the Group.
>I use fop version 2.0 for the xsl-fo->pdf 
>transformation and I use an xslt stylesheet to get the xsl-fo from a xml file.
>I chose to have a page with a one column header 
>and later a two column layout. The before and 
>after sections have a one column layout.
>The one column header is got with a <fo:block 
>span="2">blabla</fo:block> which is positioned 
>at the higher level under the flow element.
>The problem is that I cannot generate a footnote 
>which respects the limits of the 2 columns. The 
>footnote separator is one line which can span 1 
>or 2 columns (I tried them both). The footnote 
>spans the 2 columns and overwrites over the other column.
>Here is xsl code used to make the transformation 
>to the xsl-fo code, that I use to write the 
>footnote, which is surrounded by the fn tag in the xml source.
><xsl:template match="fn">
><fo:inline font-size="smaller" baseline-shift="super">
><xsl:number count="fn" format="i"/>
><fo:list-block provisional-distance-between-starts="20pt"
><fo:list-item-label end-indent="label-end()">
><fo:block font-size="smaller" baseline-shift="super" line-height="0.9em">
><xsl:number count="fn" format="i"/>
><fo:list-item-body start-indent="body-start()">
><fo:block font-size="smaller"
>I attach a picture of the wrong layout that I get.
>Thanks in advance for any help in solving this issue.
>Fausto (Italy)

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