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XSLfast 5.0 Out Now!

From: Araszewicz, Milosz <milosz.araszewicz@jcatalog.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 15:13:46 +0100
Message-ID: <CAGHeZDqUmjTmC-SPrvU7mgDVoYV1pjDr51PCHviWUTQS4yTOgA@mail.gmail.com>
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XSLfast 5.0: Data to Document... Done

We are proud to announce the release of XSLfast 5.0 which is now available
on our website
http://www.xslfast.com/. You can see the brand-new features and enjoy the
simplified and
improved layout creation process.

XSLfast is the leading tool to create layout templates and generate PDF
It turns your XML data into forms, invoices, price lists, catalogs, data
and much more in an easy way!

XSLfast uses open technologies (like XSL-FO, PDF, FOP) that do not lock you
into any proprietary tools.

We welcome your feedback: in our public forum
http://forums.jcatalog.com/forums/forums/show/2.page you can give us your
comments, exchange ideas, discuss features or just get in touch with other
XSLfast users. The ticket system is publicly available, too:

Limited Time Offer: Purchase XSLfast 5.0 till the 29th of February 2012 and
save up to 150,00 EUR!

New features of XSLfast 5.0:

- Improved user interface: New skin and more classic look with improved
- Improved grouping functions: hinting depending on attached XML file, most
reasonable groupings are available from context menu and much more
- Completions in Windows editor
- Support for FOP 1.0, XEP, XSLformatter, JAVA 1.6, XSLT 2.0, PDF 1.4 and
- Massive enhancements for pivot tables
- Completely new table wizard: The refined table wizard simplifies and
accelerates the layout creation
- On-the-fly preview: The preview window shows how your layout really looks
- External tools are gone: XSLfast is able to automatically detect
- Support of multiple monitors: Simplifies and accelerates layout creation
- Additional functions: Side floats, more IF-clauses for table columns,
of fo:marker, managed backgrounds, support of DTD external entities, layout
comparisons and much more...

More features of XSLfast:

- Cross media publishing for every XML data
- Create forms, invoices, product sheets, catalogs, price lists, ...
- Design templates for database publishing, print-on-demand and batch
- No XSL-FO or XSLT-programming skills necessary
- Use of templates as functions in your XSL code
- Different output formats and files (PDF, HTML, XSL-FO)
- Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS, Linux

We invite you to try XSLfast 5.0 by visiting our website
http://www.xslfast.com/ and downloading the free trial version.

XSLfast Team

  jCatalog Software AG
  Lindemannstr. 79
  44137 Dortmund
  Tel: +49 231-3967-0
  Fax: +49 231-3967-100
  Mail: info@xslfast.com

  jCatalog Software AG
  6818 Balsam Way
  Oakland, CA 94611
  Tel: + 1 510 595 6800
  Fax: + 1 413 487 1814
  Mail: info@xslfast.com

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