I am running the below peace of code in both Fop 0.94 and Antenna house formatter, but get a rather different behaviour. I was hoping someone could point out which implementation is correct by directing me to the correct sentence in the FO spec.

In Fop the table border is drawn below the block-container. In Antenna house formatter, the table-cell border is above the block-container but the table-cell contents are below the block-container.

The code is:

<fo:table width="5cm" table-layout="fixed">
            <fo:table-cell border-style="solid" border-color="black" border-width="1pt">
                <fo:block color="red" background-color="yellow">Below
                <fo:block-container absolute-position="absolute" top="0.15cm" left="0.25cm">
                        <fo:block text-align="left">                       
                            <fo:inline background-color="grey" keep-together="always">Above</fo:inline>                           

Thanks for your help in advance.


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