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fo:retrieve-marker conditional behavior

From: Iskren Pushkarov <iskrensp@sirma.bg>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 13:02:40 +0300
To: <www-xsl-fo@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000601c7cea2$f30fc7f0$d180a8c0@sirma.int>
Hi all,


I'm trying to display header (chapter title name on right top corner) at
every page

Except at the first one, where already has a beautiful chapter title and
some content.


The code for marker is something like


define function display-page-header($element) {

    let $chapter-id := data($element/@id)



            <fo:retrieve-marker retrieve-class-name={$chapter-id}


                                retrieve-position=" whatever" />  (: maybe
skipped :)




The values of retrieve-position attribute (firsr, last,..) have effect only

Order in which different markers are processed.





define function construct-page-header($element) {

    let $chapter-id := data($element/@id)



            <fo:marker marker-class-name={$chapter-id}>

                <fo:block Some-decorations> 







So, on first page I have 2 chapter titles - one big, and another small as a


One approach I figured out is to put a code like this

 If ("on-page -with-big-title") then

            attribute {'color'} {'white'}


            attribute {''color} {'black'}


in construct-page-header(), but how to implement "on-page -with-big-title"
check ?


Any other suggestions how  to simulate such a conditional behavior ?


Thanks in advance.
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