I have a problem that look simple but we cannot find a solution.
I am using a XML creator (programmed in java) and an XSL-FO stylesheet.
We would like to have a report with a different first page layout (margin are changed), then all the same layout. But this behaviour must be repeatable because more than one client is printed at a time.
The number of clients and the number of page for one client is variable.
So it should look like (only one PDF) : (only an example, should work for any number of client/ any number of pages/client)
<First page layout>client1 header  (p1)
<Rest layout>client1 body   (p2)
<Rest layout>client1 body   (p3)
<First page layout>client2 header  (p4)
<Rest layout>client2 body   (p5)
<Rest layout>client2 body   (p6)
<Rest layout>client2 body   (p7)
<First page layout>client3 header  (p8)
<Rest layout>client3 body   (p9)
For the moment, no problem to have a different layout for the first page, but how can I repeat it for the other clients ?
Thanks in advance,
Geoffroy de Menten - Fortisbank

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