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The new 3.4 version of RTF2FO: RTF to XML converter! is available

From: <alex@rtf2fo.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 21:13:48 +0700
To: <www-xsl-fo@w3.org>

Novosoft Inc., is pleased to announce the new 3.4 version of our RTF2FO: RTF
to XML converter!


RTF2FO: RTF to XML converter! enhances and streamlines process of converting
RTF to XML in  line with the latest W3C specifications for XSL FO formatting
semantics. Pure Java product  RTF2FO: RTF to XML converter! converts RTF
documents  to XML ones or in pairs of XSL templates and XML files with
textual data.

The newest version of RTF2FO: RTF to XML converter!  is available at

Next features are implemented and bugs are fixed:
- RTF DOM Specification and API is open;
- Filters before converting RTF DOM to XSL FO can be applied;
- Added "parse-ignore-case", "parse-by-specification",
"parse-with-old-margins", "conversion-density" options which allow override
corresponding system properties for the RTF Parser;
- Added "hide-track-changes" option and "rtf.parse.hide-track-changes"
system property;
- Added "show-rtfdom" option;
- RTF2FO GUI is improved: hints are added, new options are added,
auto-selection of compatibility model is applied when an output plug-in is
- Improved plug-ins search method: all plug-in configuration files can be
stored in the rtf2fo.jar now (in the subdirectory
"ru.novosoft.dc.rtf2fo.plugins"); plug-in configuration files stored in the
file system have a precedence on those stored in jar;
- Two low-level methods to RTF2FO class are added: the build() method
returns an RTF DOM and additional convert() method allows convert an RTF DOM
to XSL FO;
- The bug with incorrect ignoring of \bin command in RTF Parser is fixed;
- Processing of tables having "at-least" constrains on their rows is

You can learn more at http://www.rtf2fo.com or sending you inquiries to
sales@rtf2fo.com for commercial inquiries or support@rtf2fo.com for support
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