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Altsoft announces Xml2PDF version 1.9 beta

From: Altsoft Xml2PDF <xml2pdf@alt-soft.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 14:10:44 +0300
To: <www-xsl-fo@w3.org>
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Xml2PDF formatter version 1.9 beta
April 14, 2004
Altsoft N.V.

Altsoft N.V. is proud to announce its new product Xml2PDF. It is a
.NET-based XSL-FO formatting engine which takes either XSL-FO file or
XML-XSLT pair as input and generates PDF file as output. 

The main features of Xml2PDF engine are:
 - Comprehensive XSL-FO 1.0 recommendation support;
 - Partial XSL-FO 1.1 draft support;
 - Validation of XSL-FO files;
 - User-friendly Windows GUI showing formatting/validation progress and
all warnings and error messages;
 - Server-side and API editions;
 - Support for all encodings and all vector (TrueType, Type1, OpenType)
system fonts;
 - Support for virtually any raster image format (including TIFF, PNG,
GIF, JPEG, etc) as an external graphics;
 - Partial Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) support;
 - Complete color management compliance;
 - Generation of compressed and/or password encrypted PDF files.

Please, visit our site http://www.alt-soft.com/ for more information.

Free evaluation version of client UI edition is available for download
at http://www.alt-soft.com/products_tools_xml2pdf_download.jsp

Additional software requirements:
- Microsoft .NET platform

For sales inquiries and further requests please e-mail to
For any additional information please e-mail to info@alt-soft.com
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