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(OT) Re: FW: Global Church Financing "Sound Offer")

From: Mark Lundquist <ml@wrinkledog.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 10:51:08 -0700
To: <www-xsl-fo@w3.org>
Message-Id: <813CEE6F-F2A5-11D7-AC5C-000A95908E0E@wrinkledog.com>

On Monday, September 29, 2003, at 10:21 AM, Philip Fitzsimons wrote:
> Mark Lundquist wrote:
    > Philip Fitzsimons wrote:
> >> oh dear - so now you confirmed that the email address works.
> >> not such a smart move.
>  > And you are confident of this statement because...?
>  > Did you do any research on that particular email to determine 
> whether it would have been safe to follow the opt-out link? 
>  I'm very confident,

I didn't ask how confident you were.

I asked about the basis for your confidence in your statement: (a) that 
I had "confirmed that the email address works", and that (b) this was 
"not such a smart move".

>  I'm sure they must be a great company

I have no idea about that.  In any case it is irrelevant.

>  - but I'm pretty sure the xsl-fo mailing list did not decide to 
> opt-in to their mailing :) 

Unquestionably so, but that's not what I asked.

I asked if you had done any research on the particular email that the 
list received, to determine whether it could be reasonably judged as 
safe to follow the opt-out link.

I'm not setting you up for a flame job.  But you did flame me.  And now 
it seems like you are ignoring my questions and substituting the 
answers to different questions, which makes you look evasive.  You can 
clear this up by just giving a yes-or-no answer to my second question 
(recapped above).

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