Sorry for repeated pesterings ;) iam supposed to learn XSL FO and complete a project in 20 days .. so didnt have time to read the entire spec.If you can pls help.

This is what i've been able to make out from what you said.let me know if this is correct (not syntactically coded).

i create 2 simple page masters

    <simple-page-master name="1"> ...... </simple-page-master>
    <simple-page-master name="2"> ...... </simple-page-master>
    <page-sequence-master name="both">
          <single-page-master-reference master-name="1"/>
          <repeateable-page-master-refrence master-name="2"  maximum-repeats="100"/>

    <page-sequence master-refrence="both">
       <static-content flow-name="region-before"> ... ...

now here is where iam stuck .. in this page sequence,i can have only one static content each for region before/after do i say that for the first page in the sequence(created as a result of the single page master reference), use static content ONE and for the subsequent pages(generated by the repetable page master) use static content number 2??

is this the correct way of doing first of all??if not pls provide me with a sample code that wud take care of this scenario.I went through your book
Practical frmatting using XSL - FO but using psmi etc is not an option as we need to adher to only w3c standards.

your help would be higly valuable.


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