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Re: tabel borders

From: G. Ken Holman <gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com>
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2003 18:15:38 -0400
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To: www-xsl-fo@w3.org

At 2003-10-10 18:26 +0530, Aananth.S wrote:
>This is what i've been able to make out from what you said.let me know
>if this is correct (not syntactically coded).

You are very close ... read Chapter 7, the example on page 204 shows the 
definition of before and after regions *inside* of simple page masters with 
different region names.

>i create 2 simple page masters
>     <simple-page-master name="1"> ......

<region-before region-name="first-page-before"/>

>     <simple-page-master name="2"> ......

<region-before region-name="other-page-before"/>

>     <page-sequence-master name="both">
>           <single-page-master-reference master-name="1"/>
>           <repeateable-page-master-refrence master-name="2"
>       </page-sequence-master>
>     </layout-master-set>
>     <page-sequence master-refrence="both">

<static-content flow-name="first-page-before">....
<static content flow-name="other-page-before">....

>in this page sequence,i can have only
>one static content each for region before/after etc.

Correct, but you have two differently-name regions, one in each of the two 
different simple page masters.

>how do i say that
>for the first page in the sequence(created as a result of the single
>page master reference), use static content ONE and for the subsequent
>pages(generated by the repetable page master) use static content
>number 2??

Indirectly through the region names.  See bottom of page 197.

>is this the correct way of doing first of all??


>Practical frmatting using XSL - FO but using psmi etc is not an option

PSMI is not appropriate for this, since all you are doing is sequencing and 
not in-the-flow triggering.

>as we need to adher to only w3c standards.

PSMI only uses standard W3C XSLT ... it just happens to be two-step instead 
of one-step ... in my opinion using PSMI still adheres to W3C ... you just 
don't need it for this part of the project.

I hope this helps.

.................. Ken

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