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Re: Another question

From: G. Ken Holman <gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com>
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 11:58:36 -0400
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At 2003-06-27 21:40 -0700, Mark Lundquist wrote:
>Anyway, sec. 7.5.1 in the Recommendation says that absolute-position 
>causes the area to be positioned relative to the area's "containing 
>area".  I realized that I may have no idea what "containing area" 
>means.  I searched Section 4 and could not find a definition.

It is the area in the area tree below which (as a parent of) an area 
generated by the interpretation of a formatting object is placed.

>Is an area A's containing area always the same thing as A's parent?
>(Not all formatting objects generate areas, but only those that do can in 
>turn have as a child one that does... right?)

Not quite ... out-of-line areas generated by a formatting object found in 
the object tree will be positioned elsewhere in the area tree than 

>Or would the "containing area" defined along the lines of "the nearest 
>ancestor X such that Y"?

There are many trees in play ... check the diagram on page 45 of the free 
preview of our XSL-FO book (the preview includes the full text of the first 
three chapters).  The instance tree, FO tree and Refined FO tree have 
parent, children and sibling objects.  The area tree has parent, children 
and sibling areas.

I hope this helps.

.................. Ken

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