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extending fop

From: Mark Baier <mb@solyp.de>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 17:57:32 +0100
Message-ID: <44C0434F12CEC44FA6704AB9F0B9CBE50D8677@ares.nbg.solyp.de>
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i have following problem:

I have a source document with a structure like

1.1 header 1 *

text which may need half of a page after rendering 

1.2 header 2 -->

text which may expand over three pages.

I want to set a sign depending on how much place the text
needs. If the text remains on the same page as the header
i want to print an '*'. If it expands over several pages
i want to print '-->' to visualize that this chapter will
flow over several pages.

My problem is, how to get an idea of how many pages FOP will generate 
for a block, so that i can decide using the '*'-sign or the '-->'-

Now i have some thougths on extending fop.
What i'm thinking about is providing a function named getGeneratedPages(id).
I'm calling the function with an id of a block which is following my actual block.
The function should return the number of pages, so that i can decide setting the sign --> or the other sign *

What i really want to know is, if someone has experiences with extending FOP and if it is possible 
writing a function which i can call in my <fo: ...>-tags.
Or does anyone have another approach to this problem by extending FOP in any other way, or
what certainly will be the best solution, having an approach with the standard features offered by

I'm actually using FOP 0.20.5rc.

thx in advance,

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