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Specifying number-columns-spanned on fo:table-column

From: Cyberthymia <cyberthymia@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 17:14:22 -0000
Message-ID: <011601c2c239$b61e03e0$4e0aa8c0@3b2.com>
To: <www-xsl-fo@w3.org>


I'm having a little trouble understanding the difference between the
number-columns-spanned and number-columns-repeated properties when specified
on a table-column.

Using the following table as an example:

  <fo:table-body background-color="blue">

producing a table looking something like:


If I define the table-columns using number-columns repeated like this

  <fo:table-column background-color="red"/>
  <fo:table-column background-color="green" number-columns-repeated="2"/>
  <fo:table-column background-color="yellow"/>

then I should get cells A1 and B1 to be red, middle two columns (A2, A3, B2
and B3) in green and the last column (A4 and B4) in yellow, i.e. the
equivalent of doing

  <fo:table-column background-color="red"/>
  <fo:table-column background-color="green"/>
  <fo:table-column background-color="green"/>
  <fo:table-column background-color="yellow"/>

Can someone confirm what happens if I used number-columns-spanned instead of
number-columns-repeated, i.e.

  <fo:table-column background-color="red"/>
  <fo:table-column background-color="green" number-columns-spanned="2"/>
  <fo:table-column background-color="yellow"/>

From my understanding of the spec, I think I should just get cells A1 and B1
in red, A4 and B4 in yellow still, A2 and B2 in green and A3 and B3 in blue

(the default background colour) unless cells A3 and B3 were defined as


Is this correct, or are number-columns-spanned and number-columns-repeated
equivalent (making A3 and B3 green as well)?

Or maybe, as a different reading of the spec might imply, cells A2, A3, B2
and B3 are yellow, and would only appear green either if cells A2 or B2
actually spanned two columns, or if the cells background-color was defined
to be 'from-table-column(background-color)'?

Similarly, what should happen if both number-columns-spanned and
number-columns-repeated are defined, i.e.

  <fo:table-column background-color="red"/>
  <fo:table-column background-color="green" number-columns-repeated="2"
  <fo:table-column background-color="yellow"/>

In this case, should the cells in the last column (A4 and B4) still appear
in yellow or is the last table-column definition setting the properties on a
non-existant column 6?

Sorry for the long wordy question, but the number-columns-spanned property
has totally got me confused and seems to change it's meaning every time I
read it.


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