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RE: Putting "Please Turn Over" at the bottom of pages in a mult i- page document

From: Al-Dhahir, Haitham <Haitham.Al-Dhahir@gs.com>
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 19:02:33 +0100
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To: "'G. Ken Holman'" <gkholman@cranesoftwrights.com>, "'www-xsl-fo@w3.org'" <www-xsl-fo@w3.org>


I tried using the first approach, with markers, and unfortunately cannot get
it to work - yet! The reason I thought my situation required the second
solution is that in your answer you qualify the first solution with "(when
you are not generating separate page sequences)" and the second solution
with "(when you are generating separate page sequences)". I assumed this was
referring to multiple page sequences - can you explain further please?

Now I have the following:

- A static-content which should appear in the region-after of each page
- This static-content references a marker called "continued" like so:

<fo:retrieve-marker retrieve-class-name="continued"

- I have defined the marker at the very top of the flow like so:

<fo:flow flow-name="xsl-region-body">

- And a marker at the very end of the flow like so:

	<fo:block><fo:marker marker-class-name="continued"/></fo:block>

Unfortunately nothing appears at the bottom of any of the pages. I have put
some dummy text in the static content and this appears fine - so it does
seem to be a problem with my definition/usage of the markers.

I believe I am implementing the solution you describe on the Yahoo list,
however is there anything obviously wrong with what I'm doing?

Many thanks again,


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At 2003-04-09 15:30 +0100, Al-Dhahir, Haitham wrote:
>I think the second solution in your Yahoo list answer is the one for my
>case, as I am using multiple page-sequences.

But the first of the two (the one using markers) works regardless of the 
number of page sequences.

>Assuming the bug is still there, do you have any alternative solutions
>don't use page-position="last" - bearing in mind that I have multiple page

You should be able to follow that methodology in each page sequence without 
interference.  I probably would have done it with markers myself regardless 
of the status of FOP supporting "last".

.................. Ken

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