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From: Al-Dhahir, Haitham <Haitham.Al-Dhahir@gs.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 16:46:57 +0100
Message-Id: <F17B2FF57CF8D41196CC0008C786CEAA0B57237E@gsln14e.ln.fw.gs.com>
To: "'www-xsl-fo@w3.org'" <www-xsl-fo@w3.org>


I have a multi-page document, and on each page I'd like to display the page
number. However, I want to display this in the form:

Page X of Y

Where X is the number of the current page, and Y is the total number of
pages in the document.

Is this possible, and if so, how can it be done?

A follow-up question: if I have a two-page document, and I want the page
number to be displayed in a different position on the second page than it is
on the first page, how can I achieve this?

Many thanks,

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