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Re: xsl-fo first anniversary

From: Dave Pawson <dpawson@nildram.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 18:03:07 +0100
Message-Id: <>
To: Sharon Adler <sca@us.ibm.com>, eliot@isogen.com
Cc: www-xsl-fo@w3.org

Thanks Sharon. Couple of acronyms please?

>1. DCF and TeX development was independent to my knowledge.  DCF was late
>70's around 78 (release 1) - same macro concepts implemented in Waterloo
>script by Bruce Utley and Roger Watt - called SysPub.


DCF Data Communication Facility [IBM] + Data Compression Facility + Data Count Field [IBM] + Driver Configuration File [Lotus] 

I'm guessing Data communications facility?
 Your area of IBM?

>4. DSSSL started in 1986-87 (overlapping with the final "tweaking" of
>SGML).  FOSI started a bit later since it  was clear that the DSSSL effort
>would take a while and the DOD was in a hurry.  FOSI at first seen to be a
>placeholder for DSSSL.  (We spend a great deal of time fighting the ODA

??Open Document Architecture?? 

>6. James joined the DSSSL committee - I literally dragged him to a meeting
>at Hatherley Manor after I met him when I gave a talk on DSSSL to a local
>SGML UK user's group.  Wouldn't let him go back to London.  He stayed -
>took over much of the writing and the rest is history.

Thanks Sharon ;-)

>So you see Eliot you were not really inaccurate - had a few dates wrong,
>but only us old fogeys remember dates.

Just wait Sharon, those date's will fade :-)

Is fosi alive and well with DoD?

regards DaveP
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