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RE: XSL-FO and Word

From: Scott, Chris <ScottC@westinghouse.com>
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 11:27:06 -0400
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To: "'sathish kumar'" <sathishv79@yahoo.com>
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There is Rtf2fo (RTF being word's ASCII format) at
http://rtf2fo.novosoft-us.com/index.html.  I've only used it a couple times
but it seems like it should solve what you are trying to do.  You'll have to
pay for it though.  I've also started a project merging JFOR (www.jfor.org)
with FOP (http://xml.apache.org/fop/index.html) so that one can go back from
FO and output documents in RTF (or pdf).  It should make an appearance in
the next few months.  The best thing about JFOR and FOP is they are open

Chris Scott

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Nuclear Fuels Division
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> From: 	sathish kumar[SMTP:sathishv79@yahoo.com]
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> Subject: 	Re: XSL-FO and Word
> >I'm working on a document template generator for our
> >companies business
> >workflow engine product. It's one of our most common
> >customer requirements
> >that workers be able to use technologies they are
> >both familiar and
> >productive with, in general this means MS Word. On
> >the other hand, our
> >entire product framework is XML/XSL based, including
> >all the data and UI
> >components. So getting the two (XSL-FO and Word)
> >together would be nice. 
> >
> >I've only seen a single implementation of a Word -
> >XSL-FO transformation
> >process, and that goes via the HTML output, does
> >anyone know if there are
> >any plans to include a 'nicer' output straight from
> >word?. Excel 2002
> >outputs quite a nice XML version of a workbook that
> >could easily be
> >transformed, Word 2002 doesn't. This could be
> >achieved seemlessly through a
> >COM add-in if necessary, but I'd really like to make
> >contact with anyone
> >else perhaps who is working along similar lines to
> >share ideas and maybe get
> >some pointers (fairly new to XSL, but not to coding
> >in general).
> >
> >I guess an alternative would be another (would have
> >to be very nice and
> >style-rich) document editing system that outputs
> XSL->FO? Does anyone know of
> >any works-in-progress that fit the bill?
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> Hi,
> I know its a little late to reply for the mail. But
> recently I started out on creating an add-in for Word,
> which could create xsl stylesheets out of a word
> document, by picking up styles in the document.
> Is there a similar product or anyone working in a
> similar line?
> Any idea would be appreciated
> Thanks.
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