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Re: Legal Aspects of archiving XML/XSL documents

From: Tim Landscheidt <tim@tim-landscheidt.de>
Date: 07 Aug 2002 09:10:15 +0000
To: www-xsl-fo@w3.org
Message-ID: <m3lm7jjaq0.fsf@butler.amadeus.rwth-aachen.de>

Jörg Sukop <j.sukop@web.de> wrote:

> [...]
> In these scenarios:

> Is it possible to guarantee that there will be no difference in layout and content of a printed/rendered document no matter if it is printed immediately or after 10 years?
> I think this is another question for: How stable in time and how conform to the currently recommendation do you think are the implementations of XSL-processors and of rendition-engines?

I don't think that archiving only XML & XSL will do (from a
non-legal perspective). For example you'll have to save the
hyphenation data, too, as it will play a part in the layout
process. You'll have to save the actual processing program
as well because for example FOP's handling of certain FOs
improves from release to release - but that also means that
it changes the result.

  If feasible (archive storage is cheap), I'd save the re-
sulting PDF/PS (and of course the XML & XSL for easy data

  Of course, maybe your Finanzamt & Co. don't want to re-
create the actual layout of your invoice, etc., but only the
fact that on 2002-08-07 X. Y. got billed with EUR 123,45.
Just ask them :-).

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