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tables in PDF

From: Vaidya, Raghavendra (CORP, GEITC) <Raghavendra.Vaidya@geind.ge.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 09:36:28 +0530
Message-ID: <2025E70FDF44D511918D00508B650D940133FAC0@ban03xbindge.geind.ge.com>
To: www-xsl-fo@w3.org
I am trying to print a big table in which the rows span more than one page.
In some cases a part of the row at the end of the page is flowing to next
How to keep all the rows on the same page.
I am using FOP 0.17 from apache
Can some body help me
Thsnks in advance
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