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Handling unrecognized xpointer schemes

From: Elliotte Harold <elharo@metalab.unc.edu>
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2004 07:39:33 -0400
Message-ID: <40C05F75.30806@metalab.unc.edu>
To: www-xml-xinclude-comments@w3.org

I've probably said this before, but as there's no publicly accessible 
issues list and I don't see it in the archives, so I'll say it again in 
case I haven't.

The current candidate rec is insufficiently clear on what an 
implementation should do when encountering an unrecognized XPointer 
scheme in an xpointer attribute, and there's no additional recognized 
XPointer scheme to fall back on. In my case thie issue is xpointer() 
schemes, but it could also be xpath1() scheme or other custom schemes. 
Is this a resource error? a fatal error? Should the processor simply 
ignore the xpointer attribute?

The spec says, "A syntax error in the XPointer is a resource error 
<http://www.w3.org/TR/xinclude/#dt-resource-error>." However, this is 
not a syntax error, even though it is an error according to section 3.3 
of the XPointer framework.

Elliotte Rusty Harold
Received on Friday, 4 June 2004 07:39:50 UTC

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