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[Bug 5152] tableau presentation difficult to understand

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Date: Thu, 08 May 2008 00:22:11 +0000
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------- Comment #8 from cmsmcq@w3.org  2008-05-08 00:22 -------
Thank you for the comments.

The common thread that unites the {attribute uses} and {attribute
wildcard} properties is that they both entail looking at any
<xs:attributeGroup> elements present in the relevant location(s).
If we can't find a way to make that clearer, perhaps you're right that
it would be best to split the section, referring from the second to
the first for the XML syntax of <attributeGroup>, just as we now
refer elsewhere for <attribute>.

The hyperlink "Mapping from <any> to a Wildcard Component" is, I 
think, an illustration of the peril of placing an HTML 'a' element
within an 'a' element.  The reference to <any> is a hyperlink, and
since HTML browsers are not really at ease with nested hyperlinks
this fact seems to cause them to force the "Mapping from ... to ..."
link to end after the space following "to".  If the editors have 
leisure, we'll revise the markup or the stylesheet; if we don't, my 
plan is to blame HTML.

In a perfect world, I would revise the CSS of the output to avoid
the problem you point to in  But I remember fighting with the
CSS styling of these tableaux in the past, and I know this world to be 
an imperfect vale of tears, especially for those working with CSS.  
There is a hack we can use to fix the places where the problem occurs, 
if only I can remember what the hack is.  [Pause.]  No, that hack 
doesn't actually work in the place where I used it.  [Pause.]  OK,
I've found a better hack and attempted to make the XSLT stylesheet 
generate it whenever it's needed.  I think it's working.

[I am here speaking only for myself, not for the WG.]
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