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[Bug 3242] "a unique namespace"

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Date: Mon, 05 May 2008 18:40:41 +0000
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------- Comment #4 from cmsmcq@w3.org  2008-05-05 18:40 -------
As a result of a recent change to the Datatypes spec (editorial proposal
26, to be specific, as amended by the WG), the paragraph in question
no longer contains the word "unique".  The paragraph now reads:

    Each ·user-defined· datatype may also be associated with a 
    target namespace.  If it is constructed from a schema document, 
    then its namespace is typically the target namespace of that 
    schema document. (See XML Representation of Schemas in [XSD 1.1 
    Part 1: Structures].)

The main part of the issue has thus been addressed.  The other part (having
a better name for the association of datatypes with namespaces) has not
been addressed, and seems apt to lead to a long battle over terminology.

I propose (this has not been discussed among the editors, and does not
necessarily represent editorial consensus) that we close this issue with
the keyword 'FIXED', and ask QT to accept this resolution.
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