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[Bug 3230] Atomic = not decomposable?

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Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 17:01:08 +0000
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------- Comment #5 from David_E3@VERIFONE.com  2007-09-24 17:01 -------
>From the Editor's call 2007-09-24:
<MSM> MSM converges on:
<MSM> Atomic Datatypes
<MSM>     An ·atomic· datatype has a ·value space· consisting of a set of
<MSM>     "atomic" or elementary values.
<MSM>       Note: Atomic values are sometimes regarded, and described, as
<MSM>       "not decomposable", but in fact the values in several datatypes
<MSM>       defined here do have internal structure, which is appealed to in
<MSM>       checking whether particular values satisfy various constraints
<MSM>       (e.g. upper and lower bounds on a datatype).  Other
<MSM>       specifications which use the datatypes defined here may define
<MSM>       operations which attribute internal structure to values and
<MSM>       expose or act upon that structure.
<MSM>     The ·lexical space· of an ·atomic· datatype is a set of ·literals·
<MSM>     whose internal structure is specific to the datatype in question.
<MSM>     There is one ·special· ·atomic· datatype (anyAtomicType), and a
<MSM>     number of ·primitive· ·atomic· datatypes which have anyAtomicType
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