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Help with {base type definition} for lists and unions

From: Helena Cavanagh <helena.cavanagh@usa.net>
Date: Mon Jan 22 13:34:03 2001
Message-ID: <20010122183357.1709.qmail@nwcst286.netaddress.usa.net>
To: www-xml-schema-comments@w3.org
Hello, I am a little confused by the following:

Section 3.13 in Part 1 states that "every simple type definition is a
restriction of some other simple type (the {base type definition}), which is
the simple ur-type definition if and only if the type definition in question
is one of the built-in primitive datatypes, or a list or union type

From this sentence I understand that the {base type definition} of list or
union type definitions is the simple ur-type definition (anySimpleType).

However, in section 4.3.11 this is not the case for list or union type
definitions derived by restriction, where {base type definition} is the
normalized value of the 'base' attribute.

Thank you very much,

Helena Cavanagh

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