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Re: C14N .vs. XML Schema

From: Murata Makoto <mura034@attglobal.net>
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2000 01:43:57 +0900
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Noah_Mendelsohn@lotus.com wrote:

> I do not see why defaulting of a potentially localized value (red vs. 
> rouge) is particularly more troublesome than defaulting some other value 
> (1.0 vs. 2.5).  If you mistakenly switch schemas and get the wrong value, 
> you are in big trouble either way.  I don't think this has anything 
> specifically to do with internationalization.

I18N and C14N are different.  I18N stands for Internationalization. C14N 
stands for Canonicalization, which is closely related with digital signature.

> To reiterate a point that has been made before in public discussions, the 
> flexibility provided by the proposed schema design reflects the use of 
> validation as a service to the receiving application as well as to the 
> originator of the document. 


> So, various communities will indeed want to adopt standards and 
> conventions for locating and identify schema documents; xsd:schemaLocation 
> is a tool that will be useful to some of them.  After long debate, the 
> schema workgroup came to the conclusion that providing flexibility to meet 
> the needs of different applications and processors would allow our 
> specification to be used in far broader range of circumstances that would 
> otherwise have been the case; we did that with full understanding that 
> default values and other information set contributions must be treated 
> with care.

I appreciate your detailed explantion.  However, I am not satisfied.

Suppose that I want to use digital signature for a purchase order.  
Also suppose that you want to use your schema for this purchase 
order rather than my schema.  

In my understanding, we are stuck.  When I create digital signature 
in my environment, I use my schema.  It might have default values 
and some other info which affects information sets.  Since you want 
to use your schema in your environment, you cannot use my digital 
signature.  We have to give up either "the flexibility provided by 
the proposed schema design" or digital signature.


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