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Re: xsd:sequence&In-Reply-To

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>> Still, if it's implicit then is there ever 
>> a reason to use it explicitly?

Yes, you can nest sequences within choices, for example.  In that case you 
must make it explicit.

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Thanks. Still, if it's implicit then is there ever a reason to use it

And do the minOccurs and maxOccurs values in <<xsd:sequence
maxOccurs='1'></fontfamily> refer to each member of the group or to the
group as a whole? (I'm guessing it refers to each member.)

And is the only way to _not_ structure the order of the elements in the
instance by using xsd:all? (And is it also true that XSV has a bug with
respect to xsd:all, since it allows more than one element in the group
to appear in the instance despite the fact that the primer says the
permissable values of minOccurs and maxOccurs are 0 and 1?)

And in that same paragraph (fifth para under 2.7), it states "All the
elements in the group may appear once or not at all, and they may
appear in any order."

From my experimenting, it looks like it should read "_Each_ of the
elements in the group" which would make it more clear that it's not a
all or nothing proposition.

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