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error in "schema" instance in Part I of Schema specification

From: Gignac Donald A CRBE <GignacDA@nswccd.navy.mil>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 14:12:47 -0400
Message-ID: <1F9F67162ADED3119F18009027A8F40403BD70@crbeex03.dt.navy.mil>
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Cc: "Westbrook Evelyn L (Lori) CRBE" <WestbrookEL@nswccd.navy.mil>, "Garner F J (Joe) CRBE" <GarnerFJ@nswccd.navy.mil>, Le Beau Raymond P CRBE <LeBeauRP@nswccd.navy.mil>, Junod L J II CRBE <JunodLJ@nswccd.navy.mil>
The "derivedBy" attribute has not been defined for the "simpleType" tag below occurring in the "schema" instance in appendix A of part 1 of the XML Schema specifcation.

<simpleType name="derivationSet" base="derivationChoiceOrAll" derivedBy="list">

This can be seen from the following declarations in the "part2" DTD in appendix B of part 2 of the XML Schema specification.

<!ENTITY % p ''> <!-- can be overriden in the internal subset of a
                      schema document to establish a namespace prefix -->
<!-- Define all the element names, with optional prefix -->

<!ENTITY % simpleType "%p;simpleType">

<!ENTITY % simpleTypeAttrs ''>

<!ATTLIST %simpleType;
    name      %NCName;                 #IMPLIED
    base      %QName;                  #REQUIRED
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