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SKL Boesche offers you the chance to win US$ 11.4 million!

From: SKL Boesche <boesche@selectmymail.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 02:22:23 +0100
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('8-bit' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) Only a few selected people are receiving this invitation. And you are one of them! GOTO: http://boesche.selectmymail.com/ TO WIN!!! Join now for the best odds in the new 110th game of the Southern German Class Lottery SKL. With a 1/1 ticket you could win US$ 916,000 every day for six months, plus the main prize of US$ 11.4 million in the finale. My best tip: Participate now with a 3/10 ticket for the highest chance, up to 89%, of winning. This gives you three ticket numbers increasing your chance of winning US$ 91,600 every day for six months and US$ 1.1 million in the Grand Finale! If you combine your ticket with an AUTO-JOKER, you have the EXTRA chance to win a brand new car! Why wait? I8m sure the time is ripe for a prize. Go to http://boesche.selectmymail.com/ and win! Johann Peter Boesche, State Lottery Agent We collect and use personal data only to enable us to contact you with information on products and services. Your data will be treated in accordance with applicable privacy laws. We maintain a so-called opt-out database which includes details of addressees who do not wish to receive further unsolicited e-mails with respect to particular products or services or from selectmymail.com. Please go to the URLs below if you prefer not to receive the following information: [http://boesche.selectmymail.com/boesche.cgi/viewUnsubPage?email=www-xml-query-comments@w3.org&list=hk] from Boesche SKL [optout_smm] about other selectmymail.com products Should you have any questions or comments about this mailing, you can inform us by sending an email to boesche@selectmymail.com

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