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suggestion - use ";" for ExprSequence

From: Per Bothner <per@bothner.com>
Date: 09 Jul 2001 15:58:47 -0700
To: www-xml-query-comments@w3.org
Cc: per@bothner.com
Message-ID: <m2pub9aevs.fsf@kelso.bothner.com>
Using "," separator for both argument in a FunctionCall and the
sub-expressions in an ExprSequence causes an ambiguity, resolved
as explained in the draft.  It would be cleaner to use a separate
operator, and I think ";" is very natural.  It is commonly used
as a "statement separator" in other languages; this usage is
related, and could be viewed as a generalization.  If XQuery
gets extended with update operators, then the ";" operator
can do that as well.  Basically, any side effects in the
first operand of ":" are carried out before the second operand
of ":" is evaluated.  Using ";" also works with declarations
(typoe-, value-, or namespace-); a declaration is viewed as
an expression that evaluates to an empty sequence.
	--Per Bothner
per@bothner.com   http://www.bothner.com/per/
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