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The Future of Real Estate

From: Home Buyers Kit <sales@visibilityfx.com>
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 22:23:34 -0400
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Personalized - Interactive - Multimedia
Real Estate Agent-to-Client Software (www.visibilityFX.com/ACS)
The statistics are staggering. Studies show that over 70% of all homebuyers turned to 
the Internet 
for assistance in buying a home. Over 120 million people are now online in the United 
States, and 
thousands more join them everyday. These "netizens" see the Internet as the ultimate 
that provides them with accurate and immediate information and communication 

Agents who understand how to use the Internet to further their work are generating 
revenue (Some agents are earning over $100,000 in extra commissions from the 
Internet alone) 
But technology waits for no one and the bar has just been raised!

VisibilityFX, a leading Internet marketing and visibility company, has created an 
interactive agent-
to-client distribution software called A Home Buyers Resource Kit 
(www.visibilityFX.com/acs). In a 
nutshell this software is a distribution piece from you to your prospective clients. The 
program will 
ensure that your prospective clients find real and tangible value in retaining you as an 
agent. The 
Home Buyers Resource Kit (www.visibilityFX.com/acs) is an instantly updated 
information and 
communication resource provided directly from a CD or a downloaded file - no need 
for them to 
remember your web site, no need for them to use their web browser. Your 
personalized Home 
Buyers Resource Kit (www.visibilityFX.com/acs) comes with its own branded web 
browser that 
connects directly to the Internet with the users default Internet connection and goes 
directly to 
your web site. In addition, the software includes various value-added services. 

Prospective clients are converted to actual clients because your software gives them 
that is useful and desired by all home buyers (tips and articles on home buying, home 
software, mortgage calculators, home organizers, news and local area information, 
and much, 
much, more). And it establishes YOU as their agent because (directly from your 
package) they can ALWAYS view your latest listings, ALWAYS communicate with 
you, ALWAYS 
access the most recent information on area communities, and have all of this at the 
click of a 
button. In addition each prospective client will be provided various web resources all 
on a single 
CD or downloadable file and all branded with YOUR NAME and YOUR CONTACT 

In creating this breakthrough CD we were determined to provide a valuable resource 
for real 
estate agents that combines the power of the Internet with intimate and personal home 
resources that your prospective clients find most valuable.

Here's A News Flash: 
The Internet and high technology are not fads, and they're not going to disappear 
anytime soon. 
It's unquestionably changing the real estate industry, and either you accept it and 
embrace it or 
you go at it alone. It is important to realize that the Internet is not only about technology. 
It is also 
about marketing. With the right strategies, the Internet can be the most effective and 
lead generation machine ever! 

But it is not enough just to have a web site. As more and more agents get web sites, 
INTERACTIVE STRATEGIC marketing is increasingly critical to convert visitors (on 
the web or in 
person) into clients!

The simple fact is, in order to acquire clients you must arouse their emotions and 
provide them 
with solid BENEFITS for choosing you as an agent. In essence, you must position 
yourself as a 
valuable resource. 

The Home Buyers Resource Kit (www.visibilityFX.com/acs) is a breakthrough tool for 
real estate 
agents. It has raised the bar and truly brought the real estate industry into the 
Information Age. 
The personalized software will undoubtedly generate solid clientel and more than 
pays for itself 
with a single sale.

Interactive Agent-to-Client Software. The Future is NOW!
Download A Demo at www.visibilityFX.com/ACS/download.html
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