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Re: XLink 1.1: Schema issues

From: Henry S. Thompson <ht@inf.ed.ac.uk>
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 15:33:27 +0000
To: Webb Roberts <webb.roberts@gtri.gatech.edu>
Cc: www-xml-linking-comments@w3.org
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I'm sorry we don't seem to be converging on this.  You seem to have a
schema design methodology in view which carries with it requirements I
don't think are widely shared.

Anyone defining a schema for the XLink namespace is free to do so in
any way they choose, and indeed there are a number of alternative
schema documents for the XLink 1.0 available on the web.  All of them
use only one namespace, and several define components by name beyond
those named in the normative part of the XLink spec.

The schema document in the draft XLink 1.1 spec. attempts to provide
not only definitions for the attributes with normative definitions,
but also building blocks to assist XLink users.  It does so in a
pretty straightforward and conservative way, in a single namespace and
hence in a single schema document.

I'm left thinking this is a matter of taste in schema design, and as
we know, tastes differ.  I'm sorry I haven't understood your arguments
as indicating what substantive technical requirement would be
addressed by using a distinct namespace for some of the names, that
is, what you could do with such a schema that you couldn't do with the
one in the current draft.

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