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Re: Internal link and display problem

From: Ronald Daniel <rdaniel@interwoven.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 14:33:01 -0700
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Hi Qinghui,

Sorry not to have answered more promptly. The
'www-xml-linking-comments' mailing list is for sending in
comments on the XML Linking and Pointer specifications. Comments
tend to accumulate and be handled in batches.

You might try asking your question on the XSL list:

Sorry not to be of more help.


> Hello list,
> I want to link to and display another part of a xml file from somewhere
> of the same xml file, e.g. I have a xml file(english.xml) with following
> structure,
> ----------------------------------
> <Doc lang=EN>
>     <Pages>
>         <Page ID=1>.....</Page>
>         ......
>         <Page ID=N>.....</Page>
>     </Pages>
> </Doc>
> ----------------------------------
> With XSL, I can only display Page 1(ID=1) in IE, there is a link in this
> Page,
> which linking to Page 2, now I want to use the link to display Page
> 2(only!),
> I use such a link:
> english.xml#xpointer(/Doc/Pages/Page[@ID=1])
> but I don't know how to solve the internal link problem with
> the same XSL file to display.   In XSL file, I use a "xsl:param" to
> represent the ID attribute, but how can I pass the value to it when I
> click the link?
> Greatly hope someone can give me some idea, by another
> link method? or supernatural method in stylesheet?
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