Barr.Nelson Reed
Fax: +31 619 932 018
                                    INVESTMENT OFFER
I am a Barrister and a close associate to the Mobutu's family. I decided to contact you believing that by the grace of God that you will accept to be my partner in this business.
Hence, I made up my mind to introduce this business to you in confidence for the mutual benefit of both of us. The sum of USD11.5M (Eleven Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) was lodged into one of the leading private banks in Ghana by the late President of the former Federal Republic of Zaire (Now Democratic Republic of Congo)(PRESIDENT MOBUTU SESE SEKO) this money was lodged in a DEFACED FORM and in vaults / boxes. The money was originally meant to be used for purchase of Firearms and ammunitions. Because of my statue and closeness to the family, he confided in me with the relevant document papers relating to this Bank before he died of cancer.
In fact, I have adequately agreed with the family members to negotiate with you a trustworthy person to provide an account where this money could be transferred to your country through your Bank account, because we cannot claim the money. We have concluded all arrangement with an offshore Security Company to move this money through diplomatic means to a country where it could be directly transferred to your nominated account to ensure absolute safety and risk-free transfer of the money.
After a successful transfer, 20% will be for you for your assistance, 5% will be for any expenses that may arise during the course of this transaction both side, and 75% for us.
You are required to send by fax immediately your full name and address, Telephone and Fax numbers and where this money will be lodged and your personal contact address to the above fax number in the Netherlands as I will be spending the next one week in the Netherlands to work out the modalities with regards to this funds. Once you notify me your willingness by sending the above requirement. This transaction will be concluded within 10 (ten) working days.
Immediately you reply and indicate your interest, I shall furnish you with the details and how to go forward. I will be waiting for your urgent reply by FAX only, please take note of this with my name written on it or through this email:
You can check this out at:
Best regards,
Bar. Nelson Reed.
Fax: +31 619 932 018

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