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Re: New targets (Open.XKMS 2.0?)

From: Stefan Lischke <lischke@googlemail.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 11:27:41 +0200
Message-ID: <46F0EB8D.1050703@gmail.com>
To: Silvan Krebs <silvan.krebs@gmail.com>
CC: www-xkms@w3.org, gregorio@um.es

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Hi Silvan,

Nice to hear that good news. But some hints and questions. You said you
will use JAX-WS framework. Please clarify on this point. JAX-WS is just
a specification. You want to use the JAX-WS Reference Implementation
Metro from the glassfish project?

If so, please rethink. It could be a very nice chapter of your diploma
implementing against the JAX-WS specification and not against an
implementation. There will be one big advantage if you implement against
the spec. One can use your Framework with metro and Axis2 which is
building JAX-WS support right now and should be finished soon.

I would also like to see that your stuff is developed in the Opensource
community, So please ask gregorio to get committer status for the
openXKMS project. Cause i'm also working on this topic and would like to
join in the next month.

thanx in advance


Silvan Krebs wrote:
> hi all,
> As promised, following the news from yesterdays meeting with our responsible
> instructor at university.
> These are the new main targets for our diploma thesis, all of them in
> the context of using the existing Open.XKMS project from our spanish
> colleagues:
> There will be a web service refactoring containing following main parts:
> - use of JAX-WS / JAX-B as web service framework, this will make the
> source more readable and maintainable.
> - finish up all functionalities that might not have been implemented
> (e.g. PGP/SPKI, Pass Phrase Computation, etc.)
> - implement the w3c provided testsuite
> (http://www.w3.org/2001/XKMS/Drafts/test-suite/CR-XKMS-test-suite.html)
> and do extensive service testing (including correction of all errors).
> - create a proper and complete documentation of the web service
> especially a refactoring-doc, a testing-doc and a webservice-doc.
> - We're going to create a client api providing helper functions for
> request message generation (signing, encrypting, etc.).
> - create a proper and complete documentation of the client api.
> CLIENT DEMO-APPLICATION (provided as own opensource project)
> We will create a demo client application using the new client-api. The
> client will show benefits of the use of XKMS web services, and be a
> reference for later developers.
> - again with documentation and stuff.
> Gregorio:
> What do you think about explained targets?
> We on our side are going to do it like explained (with some
> modifications/extensions if desired).
> Do you wish that we're going to improve your current solution under
> the existing sf-project Open.XKMS (e.g. as version 2) or would you
> like us to do our own project ( of course we're gonna change the name
> if so ;-) ).
> I guarantee you that we will explicitly assign all reference to you in
> all parts.
> Another possibility could be that we do our stuff now in the context
> of our university (internal) and provide you the solution in mid
> november, so you'll be able to decide after a review if you want the
> new version 2 to be added to your Open.XKMS project (or not).
> That's about the size of it. We're sure it's gonna be great!
> All comments welcome.
> wish you all a nice day,
> -Silvan

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