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From: Hallam-Baker, Phillip <pbaker@verisign.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 10:36:50 -0700
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The following issues raised appear to require further discussion:
Denis Pinkas 307 - 21. The text under [180] mentions S/MIME as a protocol.
Why is CMS 

(Cryptographic Message Syntax) not considered as a protocol as well ?

In general it is advantageous to avoid proliferation of identifiers. CMS was
considered a component of a protocol rather than a protocol in its own

Resolution - Discuss

Denis Pinkas 307 - 32. The Revocation request should allow the possibility
to carry a reason> 

code and an Invalidity Date (RFC 2459 sates that CRL issuers are strongly> 

encouraged to include meaningful reason codes in CRL entries).

This is a proposed semantic change. 

Resolution Discuss


307 Aleksey Sanin 1.

As far as can see, there is no way to specify the desired key type
(RSA/DSA/...) in <xkms:LocateRequest/> or <xkms:ValidateRequest/>. This is
not a major problem because XKISS server may return a list of keys but I
think that in most case the desired key type is known to the client and
could be used to narrow key search on the server side (and reduce network
traffic :) ). For example, I can easily imagine that RSA and DSA keys would
be stored in different database tables. Key type may limit key search to one
table instead of two. 

Chopra - 11     OriginalRequestId (RequestAbstractType), RespondID
(PendingRequest) , RequestId (ResultType) should be of type "xsd:NCName" as
they are referring to "xsd:ID" type elements in other XML docs.
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