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issue 87 resolution proposal

From: <Frederick.Hirsch@nokia.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 11:20:44 -0500
Message-ID: <E320A8529CF07E4C967ECC2F380B0CF901067F59@bsebe001.americas.nokia.com>
To: <www-xkms@w3.org>
The following requirements text is proposed as potential resolution to issue 87. Only the last sentence is new.
Payload security MUST be based on XML Encryption and XML Signature and MAY be usable to secure the body content of SOAP messages. Individual elements of XML Key Management protocol messages SHOULD not be encrypted, except for the Private element which is a special case (since it transports a private key) and MUST be encrypted using XML Encryption. Exclusive Canonicalization SHOULD be used as the XML Digital Signature canonicalization method.

br, Frederick

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