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Comments on WSA Requirements

From: Joseph Reagle <reagle@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 11:42:03 -0400
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Some brief comments on [1], which is very well organized and clear!

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/2002/WD-wsa-reqs-20020429

Section: comment.

1.1: What is an "XML artificat."
3.2.1: "provide a reference platform". What does "provide" and "include" 
mean in this specification? In the case, does it mean provide reference 
D-AC001.1.1: "Ensure that no individual implementor is favored over 
others." I appreciate the sentiment, but this sounds like everyone is 
forced to the lowest common denominator. What happens if an implementor has 
a great development platform and library? How will you ensure he isn't 
favored? (Or maybe the question should be, favored in what way?)
AC006.2: What is a Security Policy? What does establishment, construction, 
and realization mean? (A potential way to anchor requirements is to specify 
them over actual deliverables of the Activity.)
D-AR0062.2: What does the "include" mean here. Will it be sufficient to 
say, "authentication mechanism are application specific, and we specify 
SSL as a minimum to interoperate?"
D-AR006.7 "The security framework must include Key Management,
pertaining to Public Key Encryption (PKE) and Key Distribution
Center (KDC)." What is a KDC? References?
5 : It is atypical in the Acknowledgement section to represent affiliation 
as the primary sorted key. We don't do it for authors/editors and I don't 
think the W3C should do it for other contributors.

*Note: I will be attending the W3C AC and WWW2002 meetings from 
May 5-10, and taking holiday from 13-16. I will not be as responsive 
during the former period, and off-line during the latter. I will fully 
respond to any email as soon as possible  after my return.
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