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Myles - new Marketing concept for On-line Business Systems

From: Stephen GOULD <sggould@oic.org>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 21:51:33 +0000
To: "eConsultants"<a2eacgl1@oic.org>
CC: "Kids Safe-at-Sport Project Team"<zcksasl1@smeems.net>
Message-Id: <20070321105553.824858C06@mailproxy1.pacific.net.au>

Hi Myles - further to my sms this is to confirm the invitation for you to 
become involved right at the start of a new concept in Internet marketing 

One of our members has signed up for 6 web sites from Stores On-line 
which provides an electronic shopping cart and backend processing
as part of the package.  

I attended a full day workshop with the OIC member who is part of the
Kids Safe-at-Sport project team.

The workshop is called "An Internet Marketing Conference" and we 
have to attend the second half-day workshop later this month.

A key part of the Workshop is 22 ways to market over the internet 
to get business.

One of those ways is called "Geo-Target" which is local marketing and
the "Junior Sports Information System" is eminently suitable as a 
Geo-Target Application for local businesses.

The OIC has ordered 10 Domains for the Child Protection process
"Kids Safe-at-Sport" and we require IT resources to assist Local Businesses 
to get online to sponsor Local Sports clubs. 


If interested to discuss further please give me a call

If interested and would like to be invited to implement and support 
JSIS and KSAS-Au projects please register as a Participating Project 
member $ 750.00 with the balance as Contributions-in-Kind


Stephen GOULD
Projects Co-ordinator

E:	sggould@oic.org
M:	0416-009-468
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