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                     C A L L  F O R  P A P E R S


   In conjunction with the 5th Int. Conference on Service Oriented
             Computing (ICSOC 2007) http://www.icsoc.org/

                Vienna, Austria, September 17th, 2007

                       WESOA Workshop Website

           Submission Deadline Extended To: July 29th, 2007


 Growing acceptance of  service-oriented computing and  an increasing
 number of large-scale  Web Services projects  raise urgent need  for
 research   community   and   industry   practitioners   to   develop
 comprehensive methodologies that  support the entire  SDLC (Software
 Development Lifecycle) of  service-oriented applications. To  ensure
 that resulting  services are  stable, reusable  and extendable, such
 methodologies  must be  based on  sound engineering  principles and
 guide developers  through the  analysis, design,  implementation and
 deployment phases of the service-oriented SDLC.

 The WESOA'07  workshop complements  the main  ICSOC 2007  conference
 program by focusing on early phases of the service-oriented SDLC. It
 provides  a  forum  for in-depth  discussion  of  issues related  to
 service-oriented analysis and design of reusable service  components
 and their  composition into  service-oriented applications  based on
 software  engineering  principles.  While  service-oriented   domain
 analysis needs to consider  business rules and processes,  design of
 services focuses on reusability and composability, as these  factors
 determine  software  development  productivity  and maintainability.
 Service-oriented  analysis,  design   and  composition  are   active
 research areas with many synergies between the topics and  potential
 for unification of approaches. Our aim is to facilitate  interchange
 of ideas on these topics and to encourage participation of  industry
 -based researchers and practitioners in order to avoid disconnection
 between   research   and   practitioner   communities.   We  welcome
 implementation  case  studies,  in  particular  those  dealing  with
 domain-specific service-oriented applications.

 WESOA’07 continues a successful  series of ICSOC workshops  focusing
 on unified  analysis, design  and composition  methods for  reusable
 service components. The workshop attracts high quality contributions
 with past papers published as  Springer LNCS and in a  Special Issue
 of the International Journal of Computer Systems Science Engineering
 (IJCSSE). WESOA’07 aims to  maintain this scientific excellence  and
 again publish selected papers in a recognized international journal.


 WESOA'07 encourages  a multidisciplinary  perspective and  we invite
 papers  that  address  challenges of  service  analysis,  design and
 composition in the context  of domain specific applications  such as
 travel,  financial  services,  government  and  education.  Workshop
 topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

 * Models, languages and methods for service-oriented domain analysis
 * Engineering methods for design of reusable and composable services
 * Service-oriented reference models and modeling frameworks
 * Service assembly, composition and aggregation models and languages
 * SOA-architectural styles and -standards
 * Contract and policy design for service components and compositions
 * Choreography and orchestration design
 * Quality assurance and evaluation methods for complex service-
   oriented applications
 * Tools support for service-oriented analysis, design and
 * Web Service analysis, design and development case studies and best


 Authors  are  invited  to  submit  original,  previously unpublished
 research  papers.  Papers  should be written in English and must not
 exceed   12 pages,   strictly   following   Springer   LNCS    style
 (http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html)  including all text,
 references,  appendices,  and  figures.  Please,  submit  papers via
 the WESOA  conference  management  tool (see   WESOA website).   PDF
 format   is  preferred,    but portable  Postscript format  is  also

 All   submissions  will   be  peer-reviewed   by  members   of  the
 international program committee. Paper  acceptance will be based  on
 originality,  significance,  technical  soundness,  and  clarity  of
 presentation.  Accepted  papers  will be  included  in  the workshop
 proceedings, and circulated to  participants prior to the  event. We
 plan to publish  the final versions  of accepted papers  in Springer

 At  least  one  author  of  an  accepted  paper  must  register  and
 participate in the workshop.  Registration is subject to  the terms,
 conditions and  procedure of  the ICSOC  conference to  be found  on
 their website http://www.icsoc.org/.


 * Paper Submission Due: July 29, 2007 (hard deadline!)
 * Notification of Acceptance: August 26, 2007
 * Camera-Ready Copy Due: September 9, 2007
 * Workshop Date: September 17, 2007


 * Marco Aiello, University of Groningen, IT
 * Claudio Bettini, Universita degli Studi di Milano, IT
 * Sami Bhiri, DERI Galway, IE
 * Behzad Bordbard, University of Birmingham, GB
 * Jen-Yao Chung, IBM T.J. Watson Research, US
 * Oscar Corcho, University of Manchester, GB
 * Vincenzo D'andrea, University of Trento, IT
 * Gregorio Diaz, University of Castilla La Mancha, ES
 * Schahram Dustdar, Technical University of Vienna, AT
 * Wolfgang Emmerich, University College London, GB
 * George Feuerlicht, Sydney University of Technology, AU
 * Stefan Fischer, University of Luebeck, DE
 * Howard Foster, Imperial College London, GB
 * Paul Greenfield, CSIRO, AU
 * Roy Gronmo, SINTEF ICT, NO
 * Cai Hong, IBM China Research, CN
 * Jaroslav Jandos, Prague University of Economics, CZ
 * Alfons Kemper, Technical University of Munich, DE
 * Jason Kinner, Oracle, US
 * Winfried Lamersdorf, University of Hamburg, DE
 * Mark Little, Arjuna, US
 * Zheng Lu, University of Wollongong, AU
 * Heiko Ludwig, IBM Research, US
 * Tiziana Margaria-Steffen, University of Potsdam, DE
 * Massimo Mecella, Univ. Roma LA SAPIENZA, IT
 * Harald Meyer, HPI Potsdam, DE
 * Daniel Moldt, University of Hamburg, DE
 * Josef Noll, Telenor R&D, NO
 * Guadalupe Ortiz Bellot, University of Extremadura, ES
 * Mike Papazoglou, Tilburg University, NL
 * Savas Parastatidis, Microsoft, GB
 * Rebecca Parsons, ThoughtWorks, US
 * Pierluigi Plebani, Politecnico di Milano, IT
 * Franco Raimondi, University College London, GB
 * Wolfgang Reisig, Humboldt-University Berlin, DE
 * Thomas Risse, Fraunhofer Society, DE
 * Norbert Ritter, University of Hamburg, DE
 * Colette Rolland, University of Paris, FR
 * Dumitru Roman, DERI Innsbruck, AT
 * Santokh Singh, University of Auckland, NZ
 * Subbu N. Subramanian, Tavant Technologies, US
 * Willem-Jan van den Heuvel, Tilburg University, NL
 * Paul Watson, University of Newcastle, GB
 * Jim Webber, ThoughtWorks, AU
 * Martin Wirsing, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, DE
 * Andreas Wombacher, University of Twente, NL
 * Christian Zirpins, University College London, GB

 *Candidates, confirmation pending


  Jen-Yao Chung
  IBM T.J. Watson Research, USA

  Wolfgang Emmerich
  University College London, UK

  George Feuerlicht
  University of Technology Sydney, Australia

  Winfried Lamersdorf
  University of Hamburg, Germany

  Guadalupe Ortiz
  University of Extremadura, Spain

  Christian Zirpins
  University College London, UK

 If you have further queries please email to the workshop chairs  on:
 wesoa07 <at> gmail.com

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